You do not. You cannot rely on the nonlawyer to do it right. You are really representing yourself.  Again, non-lawyers can only supply forms and type in the information you provide.  (Courtesy of the Florida Bar)

But this person is a paralegal. Doesn’t that mean they have training or that they work with a lawyer? .

No, a nonlawyer cannot help you with your legal problem. Legally, only a licensed member of The Florida Bar can help you with your legal problem and give you legal advice. It is the job of lawyers to make the law work for everyone; consumers use the services of lawyers regularly for essential services such as drawing up wills and handling real estate transactions. If someone else helps you with your legal problem, they may be prosecuted for the unlicensed practice of law (UPL) and your case may be affected. (Courtesy of the Florida Bar)

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How do I know if the form provided by a nonlawyer is right?

No. In fact, so many people were being misled about the titles “paralegal” and “legal assistant” that the Supreme Court of Florida passed a rule saying that it is not proper for a nonlawyer to use those titles if they are providing services directly to the public. Paralegals working in a law office often do have training and are often certified. They also have a code of ethics that they must follow, and work under a lawyer’s supervision, not on their own. Nonlawyers who do not work for a lawyer may not have any training and should not be using the title “paralegal”.  (Courtesy of the Florida Bar)

I recently saw an advertisement in the paper from someone calling themselves a paralegal saying they could help me with my legal problem for a lot less than a lawyer.. Can this person really help?

What can this nonlawyer do for me?

The only thing the nonlawyer can legally do for you is to sell you a pre-printed form and type in the information that you provide to them. A nonlawyer cannot tell you what information you should put on the form, or even what type of form to use, and cannot help you fill it out. Basically, the nonlawyer can act as a secretary or typist. (Courtesy of the Florida Bar)

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